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02 de Febrero del 2018

Peru has been incorporating international standards for the fight against tax evasion and avoidance.

Through electronic communications dated November 17 and December 12, 2017 respectively, the Organization for Economic Cooperation and Development - OECD invited the National Superintendency of ...

23 de Octubre del 2017

NETHERLANDS: Some 5.4 million dutch workers to pay less tax under new system

The Rutte III government's plans for a new tax system, will result in 5.4 million workers in the Netherlands paying less income tax, and 2.1 ...

22 de Septiembre del 2017

EEUU: A Stock Market Panic Like 1987 Could Happen Again

Oct. 19, 1987, was one of the worst days in stock market history. Thirty years later, it would be comforting to believe it couldn’t ...

22 de Septiembre del 2017

PERU: Recovering income tax collection

The collection of corporate income tax (IR) increased after seven months of declines, registering an expansion of 1.1% (its last positive rate was in January ...


23 de Octubre del 2017

COLOMBIA: The first round of talks begins to integrate Australia, Canada, New Zealand and Singapore into the bloc of Colombia, Mexico, Chile and Peru.

The Pacific Alliance, a bloc composed of Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru, will open the first round of negotiations tomorrow to incorporate Australia, Canada, New ...

22 de Septiembre del 2017

MEXICO: Increase taxpayer base, pending task: TMF Group

In Mexico, one of the pending issues that the federal government has is to increase the taxpayer base to generate higher revenues and, in this ...

16 de Septiembre del 2017

BOLIVIA: China overcomes CAN countries and is the first country where Bolivia matters

Bolivian exports by road reach markets in at least 28 countries, while imports reach at least 34. The member countries of the Andean Community of ...

12 de Septiembre del 2017

ARGENTINA: Changes in Tariffs, Taxes and Market Responses

The upload of the transport happens to December and provides tickets with discounts to those who travel the most. Tomorrow, a key bid for Treasury ...